Buying, Listing, or Selling your cemetery plot with us is simple and straightforward.

Whether you're browsing for a plot, or in a time of immediate need, we are always ready to help.

Contact us at 818-710-1195 or for more information.

Buying & Selling Cemetery Plots


Step 1) Contact us to discuss your needs.

Step 2) Meet at the park to view the available cemetery plots to purchase.

Step 3) Decide on the plot and complete Purchase Agreement for transfer documentation.

Step 4) Request an appointment for title transfer of the plot.(*)

Step 5) Sign and Notarize the transfer agreement/deed form at the transfer clerk's office.

Step 6) Complete transfer and payment in-person.

*All title transfers must be completed through the transfer department of the respective cemetery park.


Step 1) Contact us to discuss selling your plots. (**)

Step 2) Send us a copy of the deed or certificate of ownership.
Step 3) Visit and verify your plot in-person at the park.

Step 4) Sell for an agreed selling price, or Decide to list your plots with us. (***)

Step 5) Complete Sales Agreement Forms or Listing Agreement Forms.

Step 6) We will try to find the buyers if you listed your property with us.

Step 7) We make the payments directly to you after completion of title transfer.

** Currently we only make direct purchases for certain plots at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, FL-Glendale, Rose Hills

    and Green Hills that meet our Buying Criteria.

*** Certain listing forms must be signed and notarized by you before you can list your plots with us.

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