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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Golden Cemetery Brokers?
    We are California State Licensed and Bonded Cemetery Brokers. We have been in the Cemetery 

     Plot Sales business more than 20 years in Southern California. We have many satisfied
     Buyers and Sellers who have used our Professional and Courteous Services in times of need.

     Our customers often provide positive feedback about our integrity and trustworthiness.

Why do I need to work with a cemetery broker?

    A Cemetery Broker will ensure the smooth title transfer of cemetery plots

    between Buyers and Sellers every step of the process. We will also facilitate preparations
    of all necessary documents required by each Cemetery Park.

Where would we meet to conduct business transactions?

  Normally we would meet at the Cemetery Park with the Buyer to show the particular 
  properties that are of interest to the Buyer. The Final Title Transfer will be completed at the
  Cemetery Park Transfer Department to ensure safe and legal transactions.

When would I receive my title transfer or payment?
Buyers will be notified of the time that it takes to receive the new Deed or Certificate of Ownership
   by the Transfer Clerk. Sellers will receive their payment on the same day of title transfer or
   by other arrangements that were made with sellers beforehand.

If I'm an out-of-state Seller, how do I know I will get paid?

    This is one of the most frequent question asked by Sellers who are from another state or county.
     We could make a direct deposit to your bank account, or mail the check to your address that
     you provide to us.  We ensure that you will be paid after title transfer is completed and the Buyer
     pays for the transaction.

What other languages do you speak to help customers?

   English, Korean, and Spanish.

As a seller, do I need to be present to sign the transfer agreement form?
 Normally, no. We as a Broker will represent you, the Seller, when we meet with the Buyer at
   the Cemetery Park for title transfer and we will complete the transaction on your behalf.
   However, if you like to be present at the time of transfer, you can do so.


How fast can you transfer the title to me, the buyer, when I have an immediate need for a funeral service?

   We will do our best to make sure that the title will be transferred to you by the next day if possible.

Is the maintenance fee included in the price?

    Yes. All our prices include the required maintenance fee imposed by the Cemetery Parks.
    This savings will be transferred to the Buyer as an additional discount.

Do you warrant any of the conditions of the plots that you're selling?
  We are obligated to notify the condition of the plot to the Buyer if it is new or used beforehand.
     All other matters will be handled by the Cemetery Park maintenance personnel for any repairs,
     soil settlement, marker settings and flower vase, etc after you become the owner of the property.

Will you buy my cemetery plots?
     Currently we only make direct purchases for certain plots at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills
     and Glendale that meet our Buying Criteria.


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